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Benefits of using our Loyalty Manager system are:

  1. Reduced marketing costs through better targeting
  2. Better collection of customer data
  3. More personalized service to your customers
  4. Reduced transaction costs through easy access to information
  5. Better visibility of data to customers thus increasing trust levels resulting in increased customer retention


  • Card Management Module
  • Card Management module facilitates issual, renewal, cancellation, and re-activation of loyalty cards. It supports setup of cards of various levels such as silver, gold, platinum or any other custom types. The card provides a BRAND RECALL value to your customers. It also is a smart and easy way of customer information collection.

  • Reward Management Module
  • Reward Management module allows you to setup various reward schemes, manage them, and manage their duration easily.

  • Points Management Module
  • Points Management module helps your sales assistants manage activities such as collection of points on the card at a point of sale, redeeming the points by customer action such as choice of gift or discount.

  • 24x7 Online Portal
  • The 24x7 online portal provided can give an easy access to the customers to view their points data as well as redemption requests and history. This can be integrated with iHexa Ticket Manager to track customer complaints about non-receipt or defective receipts of goods. Customers can also be shown additional offer details, customized promotion details on this portal.

  • Fulfilment Module
  • Fulfillment module ensures efficient assignment of redemption requests to relevant back office personnel and tracking thereof. The tracking portal allows customers as well as your sales service assistants to view the status of fulfillment and ETA.

  • Reports Module
  • Reports module allows generation of reports to view the data of redemptions, data of various loyalty programs by time, by area, by scheme, by demographics etc. The analysis will help you formulate more effective marketing strategies and measure the success of current marketing strategies.

How loyalty program can help to your business?

  1. Attracting new customers and users
  2. Keeping them
  3. Stimulate purchase and repeat purchasing
  4. Gathering information

What are the advantages of using loyalty programs?

  1. Reduced marketing costs through better targeting
  2. More personalized service through more accurate consumer data
  3. Lower acquisition costs; lower transaction costs by moving customers online
  4. Reduced cost of sale through increased customer loyalty
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