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  • Sales Force Automation
  • Maximize your direct sales by tracking all of your leads through a fully customizable sales pipeline. Set up sales teams, automatically distribute leads and build automated triggers into your sales process to ensure that your leads are being followed up with appropriately and on time.

  • Contact Management
  • Our customer-centric approach to contact management will enable you to track all of your emails, chat messages, appointments, tasks and phone correspondence in one place so you can close more sales by maintaining better relationships with your prospects and customers.

  • Campaign Management
  • Using iHexa CRM campaigns can be created and managed effectively.

  • Customer issues/communication management
  • iHexa provides a powerful interface to manage the customer communication via email/chat/phone. The issues can be assigned internally and tracked until resolved.

  • Reporting Engine
  • Using our powerful reporting engine multiple reports such as reports on sales activities and results can be generated.

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