Welcome to iHexa

It is a web based technology solution that enables the call centers to capture, track, and profile in-depth information about the customer. It also handles Outbound and inbound calls management, ticket management, Agent tasks management, disposition and fulfillment management using tools such as Email, Chat, and SMS.


  • Category-based Task Assignment
  • Category-based task assignment by supervisor helps your call center team supervisor to allocate tasks based on the suitability of the caller. The suitability can be categorized by various factors such as fluency of a language, domain knowledge, experience level etc. We can readily customize these categories to suit your call center strategies. This means the caller is always assigned tasks that he/she can best do. At the same time, assignments can also be done by the supervisor as per the learning plan for his team.

  • Screen-assisted Calls
  • Screen-assisted calls help the caller with a quick snapshot of up-to-date customer contact details, call history, satisfaction index, interests, and the recommended call script. This means a call is never made out of context.

  • Customer History
  • Customer history updates enable the caller to modify the customer's details manually while the system automatically updates the call history.

  • Multiple Points of Contact
  • Multiple points of contact can be maintained for B2B calls.

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